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COTTON (Gossypium sp.)

Cotton is grown from sea level to moderate elevations not exceeding 1000 m where the climate is tropical with rainfall 500 to 750 mm. Excessive rain at any stage is harmful to the crop. It can be grown in a wide variety of soils. A deep homogeneous fertile soil is desirable.



Winter crop : August _ September

Summer crop : February _ March

Preparation of land and sowing

Plough the land three to four times and form ridges and furrows. Dibble the seeds on the sides of the furrows. Use basalin at the rate of 2.5 l ha-1 before irrigating the field to control the weeds.

Note: Treat the seeds with carbendazim 50 WP (2 g kg-1) or Trichoderma viride talc preparation (4 g kg-1) before sowing.



Apply FYM or compost @ 12.5 t ha-1 for rainfed crop and 25 t ha-1 for irrigated crop. Apply N:P2O5:K2O each @ 35 kg ha-1 as basal dressing. Top dress with 35 kg N per ha-1 about 45 days after sowing.



Thin the crop when the plants are 15 to 20 cm high, retaining two seedlings per hill. Retain only one seedling per hill in the case of hybrids. Timely weeding and hoeing will ensure good crop growth.



In the case of irrigated crop, irrigate the plants once in two weeks. Copious irrigation during flowering will ensure good pod setting and good fibre quality.

Plant Protection
Against sucking pests like jassids, aphids and thrips, spray imidacloprid (100 ml ha-1) on 20th day and 40th day.


To control whitefly, use neem oil (3.0 l/ha-1) or phosalone (1000ml ha-1).

For bollworm, spray quinalphos or chlorpyriphos.


For bacterial blight disease, use strepto-cycline (50 g ha-1 + copper oxychloride 1.5 kg ha-1). For grey mildew, carbendazim @ 250 g ha-1 may be used. For Alternaria leaf spot, use copper oxychloride @ 1.5 kg ha-1.



The bolls start bursting 100-120 days after sowing and will be ready for harvest at this stage.


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