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Appendix 13


Annexure to G.O. (MS) No. 123/2011/Agri. dated 12-05-2011

Substitutes for pesticides banned by Govt. of Kerala

vide G.O. (MS) No. 116/2011/Agri. dated 7-5-2011 (Interim Recommendations)



Use of carbofuran is permitted for insecticide trials as check/control for research purpose in Kerala Agricultural University. Kerala Agricultural University will be conducting detailed field trials to identify suitable chemicals/biopesticides for substituting the banded chemicals. For this purpose a detailed project proposal will be submitted by the Director of Extension/ Director of Research, KAU, for funding from RKVY for an approximate amount of Rs.300lakhs.

Kerala Agricultural University. 2011. Package of Practices Recommendations: Crops.

14th Edition. Kerala Agricultural University, Thrissur. 360p.